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Brick & Mortar Vintage is a personal shopping service featuring an exclusive network of local vintage shops.

Phoenix is rich with vintage shops stocked with distinct and one-of-a-kind furniture, furnishings, and fixtures.

The mix of old and new has a timeless appeal, but driving shop to shop is not only cost- and time-prohibitive, it's plain exhausting. We 'd like to put and end to that dilemma and boost the local economy with a convenient service created just for the trade.

How It Works

Three simple steps is all it takes to start sourcing fabulous design pieces hands-free. Then sit back and reap the benefits!

Pick the time you need

Purchase personal shopping hours which are all packaged up and ready to go. Plus, you can add-on time as needed. Additional personal shopping assistants are available on some packages.

Spec the items you want

Think about that wish list and write out detailed specifications for the pieces you want. You can spec one piece or several pieces. We’re ready to find as many pieces as you need for any projects you have.

Watch us get to work

Once your specifications are delivered to our Brick & Mortar Vintage network, the gears start turning. You’ll receive personal follow-ups. Photos, on-site inspections, and videos are also available.

Get Started

Call (602) 460-6277 to talk to Kimberly about personal shopping for your project.


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PACKAGE FEATURES $130 $400 $700
Exclusive Network Search 2 hours 10 hours 20 hours
Personal Report of Findings Phone/Email Phone/Email Phone/Email
Merchandise Photos If available4 Yes Yes
On-site Merchandise Inspection (as requested) Yes Yes
Video Merchandise Inspection (as requested) Yes Yes
Shopping Assistants (as requested) $20/hour $20/hour
  1. Brick & Mortar Vintage manages all final sales and delivery.
  2. Additional shopping assistants are available at $20/hour.
  3. Time logs will be maintained for all merchandise searches.
  4. For the LOFT package, merchandise photos will be provided if time allows.


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The Story

Driven by a passion for local retail, I make it a point to support Phoenix businesses when shopping. That said, I often found myself frustrated by shopping local when sourcing on behalf of clients i.e. traffic, time constraints, lack of parking, 100+ degree days, etc. etc. On one excursion “shopping local”, I was on the hunt for a very specific style of table to fit into a particular space. I’m sure it was 150 degrees that day, but, with my measuring tape in hand I was determined to find the perfect piece. I had been to several shops around the Valley and now was out of time, low on
gasoline and weary of driving; lamenting that “shopping local” was just too difficult. Debating whether I would actually get out of my car one more time, I sat there, longing for a way to contact these vintage shops in one simple e-mail . . . and brick & mortar vintage was born.
Phoenix is rich with brick and mortar shops full of beautiful vintage home furnishings and distinctive one-of-a-kind finds. The added value of “shopping local” and supporting local businesses; priceless! Now sourcing these pieces is available at your fingertips.